Saturday, March 28, 2009

Not Spring Yet. . .

In my last post I believe I mentioned that Spring had arrived. The daffodils were out, the weather was warming, and then. . .well, SNOW!!! This afternoon I went to the movies with some friends. When we walked out of the theatre there was already 3 inches on the ground. I've always loved the snow and it's beautiful, but it's messy. And my biggest gripe. . .couldn't wait 'til a school day?!? :) How do you like the look of my daffodils now?

Last week I went to Arizona to visit my aunt and uncle. It was an awesome few days of golf, spring training baseball, and relaxation. I even got to see the Royals win in a victory over the White Sox. (Which I hope might happen frequently this summer?) Here are just a few pics from my trip.

Here's my aunt, knocking a straight shot right down the middle! SWEET. We both improved with each round during the week and had a fabulous time on the course. I absolutely need to get out and play more often if I'm going to keep up with her.

Go Royals!

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