Saturday, March 3, 2012

Plans, Plans, Plans...Ugh.

So, I've been single for what seems like forever. I've prayed, cried, wished, hoped, prayed some more, and finally God's timing and my prayers intersected. I met Matt in July of 2010, we dated, went through some ups and downs, then got engaged, and will get married in June 2012. I learned a lot from the journey of singleness, especially in the last year or two-and yet, I have so much more to learn, obviously. But I'm excited to move on to the next phase of life in marriage.

What I didn't anticipate was the craziness that ensues once a couple gets engaged. Do you have any idea what you're supposed to plan for when getting married? Weddings in 2012=madness. I've tried to do everything as simply as possible, but there are still a ridiculous amount of decisions a person has to make.

For a bride, it seems that the wedding dress is of much importance....Dress decisions include: style, color, fit, price, place of purchase, veil, shoes, hair up/down-curly/straight, etc. Then it's bridesmaid dresses. I can't tell you how long it took me to decide on a style for my four bridesmaids who are four different shapes and sizes. Of course, during all of those trips to bridal boutiques one must decide on the reception place, food, number of guests, invitations, flowers, cake flavor, frosting, decorations, photographer, ceremony specifics, and on and on. My friend Vicky has helped guide me in the process (thank goodness), but there's so many things that I have to put my "seal of approval" on; it's overwhelming.

Anyway, it's a stressful time. I wanted to document my thoughts today so that I can look back on these months (after the wedding) and remember all of the silly things causing me this anxiety. :) With Matt's help and the help of friends and family I've handled everything fairly well, with only a few decision-making breakdowns...and absolutely no bridezilla moments...yet. :)

June will be here before we know it. And we'll cross the bridge to our new lives together.