Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sporadic Brain Drain

One of my favorite sports columnists is Rick Reilly. I love his insight and his take on, not just the athletes and the games, but the overall culture of sport. Anyway, he has a couple of "gimmicks" that he uses on his website that I might just "borrow" for the Mardy Party; Excellent Intramural Team Names and Things I Yell at the TV are two that I particularly enjoy.

Just this evening I was watching one of those Rosetta Stone (Language Learning) commercials. You know, the ones. And I found myself actually paying attention to what the spokesman was blabbing on about and was slightly amazed/amused. Did you know that the NASA astronauts use Rosetta Stone? I didn't either, so I asked the TV, "Who are the astronauts carrying on a conversation with? Aliens? And if so, exactly what language do aliens speak?" Obviously I didn't get an answer, but don't you wonder things like that? I do.

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