Monday, August 9, 2010

A Visit from My Pops

So, my dad came to town last Wednesday, and it has been a whirlwind of projects around my house. Some of you may remember that Dad drove out last June to help me construct a new deck in the back yard, since the old one was rotting off the back of the house. Well, this year it was time to stain. Of course, the weather in August isn't quite as nice as late May, so we had to battle the heat a little more this summer. (Day 3 of his stay. . . 112 degree heat warning-ridiculous!) Obviously, it didn't take us as long to stain the deck as it did to build it, but it was good Mard-Dad time and we enjoyed the heat of the day inside--with the air conditioning.

Thought I would show you a few pictures of the finished product, and there are a few of my first-ever grilling adventure on my new grill. Here they are. . .

Part of my dad's "negotiated agreement" included a steak dinner on one of the nights during his stay. Rib-eye, potatoes, asparagus. . .Yum.

Lights, Camera, Action. . . so yeah, come on over and experience a little Robinson handiwork. :)

Cool-huh. My dad's the best. Now I have a finished deck where I can enjoy a good book, or hold a Mardy Party. :) If only the weather would cooperate. . .

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  1. Cool, love it! I have the same setup with my chairs and opted for no table. Still trying to find end tables or a low center table. Waiting for the Mardy Party now!:)