Saturday, October 31, 2009


Fort Hays State University Homecoming!!! WoooHoooo!!

A month or so ago I traveled across Kansas to Hays, America for Homecoming. Actually, I was headed back to Hays to attend a wedding reception for my good friend Stacie. She married this summer in the Pacific Northwest and then held a reception in her hometown over homecoming weekend. Here's the happy couple--now living in Washington state--(I'm so jealous.)

I left after school on a Friday and drove the 4 hours from Olathe to Hays. I drove through a rain storm about 30 miles outside of Salina and took this picture from my car. Thought it was kind of cool.

On Saturday I met up with friends, attended Chris and Stace's reception and then went to the FHSU vs. Emporia game. . . BIG WIN for the TIGERS!!!! Interestingly, one of my former students from ONW is the mascot (Victor E. Tiger) at Fort Hays. Dawna is a great kid and she's doing a wonderful job at my alma mater. If you ever get the chance, you need to check out the Tiger in person! Her mom Debbie was in attendance as well and here's a pic of the two of them as well as the scoreboard as I was leaving the game. (It always feels so great to beat the Hornets. . .YES!!!)

The rest of these pics are shots of friends and my "family" in Hays: basketball buddies, the Nehers, and the Timkens. Hopefully I can get back again soon.

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